IWD Mifgash 2017International Women`s Division Worldwide Conference

The International Women's Division is preparing a very exciting Mifgash for you!

Held from 18 - 22 June 2017

Mifgash is a wonderful opportunity to be together and to be inspired by the achievements of women from all over the world who share the same love for Israel and are dedicated to the goals of WD.

In this Mifgash in particular we will discover new sites in the North of Israel.

Among the many highlights and most importantly while we are in Israel, we will visit our KH projects and meet first-hand the people whose lives we have helped change through our support - people who now have the opportunity to succeed and become contributing members of Israeli society.

This Mifgash is a very special one because together we will celebrate two significant milestones: 120 years of Zionism, visiting key sites connected to Herzl's vision and 50 years of Jerusalem's reunification in the heart of the city where it all happened.

Our Mifgash will give you a space to learn more about Israeli politics and other subjects that are thought-provoking for you as Jewish leaders. It is also the time to honor an outstanding woman, a dedicated leader, at the Award of Excellence ceremony.

We invite you to watch this clip, as a preview of what we will be enjoying together. For the highlights click here!

Looking forward to having you with us in Israel!

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