Women`s Division First UpdateFirst Hug update

We would like to update you about our adopted project 'First Hug'.
Exactly two months ago we started to ask you to support this wonderful and important project and with the money raised until now we are happy to announce our results.

We were able to care of:

  • 2 abandoned babies.
  • 23 babies with no parental presence.
  • A training was given to volunteers from Beersheva on "Baby's development stages from birth to 6 months".
  • A symposium was organized for a small group of volunteers from Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv on "Taking Care of Babies Depending on Technology".

'First Hug' also takes care of babies that lack the presence of their parents due to sudden family circumstances or a parental crisis, for example: sudden death of a parent, severe illness of a parent or hospitalization, parent who is in a drug rehab program, parents of twins or triplets where one or two of the babies are hospitalized for a long time.
There are also cases in which a baby is hospitalized in a different and far away city, which makes it very difficult for the parents to visit.

Movie from a volunteer
Please watch the movie with the point of view of one of the volunteers. To be able to take care of these babies properly, the volunteers have to emotionally be prepared as well as trained accordingly. These volunteers need the emotional strength to hug and care for a baby over a period of time and then be able to let go of the baby for adoption, to a foster family or to a rehabilitation center like ALEH.

Many thanks to those who donated!
'First Hug' will continue to train volunteers and to take care of babies in need, so please continue to support their great efforts. Because together we are able to make a difference in these babies' lives.