Women`s Division UpdateSecond Update

We, at the Women's Division, are proud to share with you this update detailing our ongoing support of the "First Hug" project. have been supporting this unique and meaningful project since August 2015. With your donations from December 2015 to date, we were able to facilitate:

  • Caring for more than 50 babies, including 15 babies with severe medical conditions and no estimated date for release from the hospital.
  • First Hug cared for 3 more babies with Trisomy 13 Syndrome that were abandoned by their parents because of short life expectancy. The volunteers hugged them to their last breath.
  • 14 volunteers from Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva (Southern Israel), received special training for babies’ developmental stages between birth and the age of six months. They also participated in a seminar about the Bedouin community, aimed at familiarizing them with the Bedouin culture and providing them with tools to reduce prejudices and enhance understanding.

We thank from the bottom of our heart those who already made a donation to "Baby's First Hug". The First Hug team continues to train new volunteers and take care of more babies in need, and we hope you will continue to support this wonderful project and that together we will be able to make a real difference to the lives of more babies in need.