Story ShaharTraversing the village surroundings

Shahar, a personable young man, aged 30, has been living at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran for close to ten years. Whenever possible, accompanied by a volunteer, a family member or caregiver, Shahar seeks to leave his residential home for a stroll along the village paths. Making himself understood using his hands, Shahar points to the door to indicate his desire to go outside. Until one short year ago, Shahar made his way independently, strolling around the entire village on a non-stop walk. Last year, due to a critical medical issue, Shahar underwent an operation on his legs and now, still recuperating, he requires a wheelchair to get around, making him yet more dependent upon others to take him outside. This new reality is very difficult for the stroll loving Shahaf, who so enjoys traversing the village surroundings, meeting new people, and asking them to join him on his venture.

Now, since the COVID-19 outbreak, Shahar's already compromised ability was further limited due to strict restrictions regarding visits by family members and volunteers as well as rules for venturing outside the home. Shahar's walks were drastically reduced, which sadens him enormously and no family can visit for fear of infection. Patrick, a longtime, dedicated volunteer from Germany, is one of the few people permitted to care for Shahar. Appropriately attired with robe, mask, and gloves and with utmost commitment, Patrick brings half an hour of happiness to Shahar during this demanding time, taking him outside for a daily stroll around the village grounds.