Update Tour Guide 2020Een eerste indruk van de laatste Walk

Day 1

So my Dear friends. Here we are at the last year of our 5 year journey on the walk Israel for Keren Hayesod. This year we are also part of the events celebrating 100 years of Keren Hayesod. How symbolic and exciting this is.

Day 2

Look at the map and height profile of what we are going to do. Actually we continue to follow the story of the Jewish holocaust survivor refugees, who tried to illegally enter Israel ruled by the British. In a heroic operation, the Palmach forces broke into the prison of Atlit, and took them walking overnight to Kibbutz Yagur. Where we are starting our walk.

As for nature and fun, we shall be walking on a very popular hike that many Israelis do with families. We continue our first day on 2020, where we were last day of last year. And if anybody is really interested to hear what happned to the ilegal imigrants, I've attached their testimonials, including Yitzhak Rabin, telling how it happened, with English subtitles. https://youtu.be/r4blGVib_l8

Day 3

To be updated shortly...

Day 4

Day 4 we shall walk on the Jerusalem mountains. The area is very special for me, as my parents, after having survived the Holocaust in Romania, made an illegal immigration to Israel, were caught by the British and exiled to Cyprus. They arrived just before the war of independence (my father was wounded then) and at the end established a Kibbutz (Shoresh) on the Jerusalem mountains, where I was born and raised. Since then i really love this area and it's beauty. I hope that so will you. So views, springs, flowers, that is what awaits us here.

During the war of independence most of the arab villages fought against the Israeli forces, trying to block the road to Jerusalem. The Arab forces were very successfully at the beginning, until the big Battle over Kastel Arab village, where they had their first major defeat. (we all visited the Kastel on walk 2017). But followed suit were dozens of Arab villages, who fought against the Israelis, were defeated and ran away. Of course, those who did not fight, are living in peace, as loyal israeli citizens. Much of the Israeli success in the war of independence is owed to Jews from all over the world, who volunteered to fight for the independence of the new born Israel. The pictures below show some of their names and what Ben Gurion (my kin in law - don't forget) (-:), and Yizhak Rabin, said about their help.

If you see pictures from British mandate time, of the area we will be walking in, it is hard to believe. All barren. no trees at all. the state of israel made a huge foresting effort, by the JNF, and the huge forest that we are walking in is called "Martyrs Forest" where 6 million trees were planted. and several very impressive memorial monuments were created - the Anne frank Memorial, the Scrolls of Fire monument and others. we shall see several on our walk.

But apart from history and monuments, the area is very scenic - big Mountains, huge valleys, caves that we shall enter (if the bats allow us). So, all in all it is a great day. And at the end, a big surprise.

Day 5

To be updated shortly...

Day 6 is the end of the WALK ISRAEL 2020 and this great and beautiful adventure!